Note – This service is delivered by Fusion Provida’s Projects Team. You can contact the Projects Team on 01246 262909.


Can you advise me what materials I will need if I send you a drawing?

Yes. As long as the drawing is to scale we can produce a list of pipe , fittings , valves, hydrants and other requirements.

I have a drawing for a new housing estate. For which utilities can you do the materials take off and provide a cost?

We provide material take-offs and costings for gas, water and electricity infrastructure.

Do you include service connections in your materials take-offs?

Yes. We would agree an average length of pipe per plot with you and then work out the total number of fittings required

Can you tell me what closure valves I would need to use in different areas?

Yes. We check with the incumbent water authority and advise accordingly

What type of boundary box do I need to use in contaminated land within Thames Water?

Throughout the country, different water authorities require different boxes. The Projects Team has access to this information and is able to advise what can be used in each area .

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What is the turnaround for a materials take off?

The turnaround is dependent on the size of the drawing and the current workload. The average is 3-5 days although, for critical projects with regular clients, we have completed take offs on the same day we received the drawings.

When I want a section of pipework do I have to give a list of all the pipe and fittings I need?

No. Once we know where you are starting and finishing we can produce the list . Services can be called off by plot numbers

Will you come to site to look at a problem?

Yes. We will visit site and, where possible, offer advice .

How will I know what I have spent on a scheme ?

We can produce reports showing which materials have been used and what is required to complete the job. Consequently we are able to monitor expenditure on materials very closely and advise whether you are over budget long before it becomes a problem.

What happens if someone asks for something that is not on the take-off?

We understand that changes occur on site and everything is not always as per the drawing but we would check with the Project Manager to ascertain the reason behind the change.

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