What cables do you supply?

We supply the whole range of DNO approved cables for anywhere in the UK. This means all street-lighting cables, all house and flat service cables, all LV mains cables and 11kv cables are generally in stock ready for shipping.

Why do I have to buy in 250m drums?

No. 250m drums are the industry standard, but UPS offer a cutting service so you can buy exactly what needed for your job - therefore minimising waste of cable or potential theft problems.

Do different electricity companies use the same equipment?

There is always crossover, but most electricity companies have individual requirements, and we at UPS stock all specifications from street-lighting, right up to 11kv installations.

What is difference between private cables and electricity company cables?

Generally private cables are copper, and electricity cables use more aluminium to keep the costs down, but this does mean you cannot use electricity company specified cables on private networks below 1,000v

What is the difference between CNE and SNE networks?

The majority of new developments are CNE which is a combined neutral earth arrangement, but in flats and metal framed buildings the installation of SNE systems has been recommended by the Electricity Networks association. This means you have a separate conductor for neutral and earth.

What is waveform?

Waveform is the shape of the outer strands of the low voltage cable, this enables connections to be made live for e.g. new housing without interrupting supplies to other customers.

What is Triplex?

Triplex is the name given to three single core MV cables twisted together. Typically this is at 11kv and allows cable to be installed as one, rather than pulling three separate cores.

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How much does it cost to cut the cables?

That depends on the size.

How much notice do you need for cutting cables?

We like to get 3-5 days notice, but recently had a customer in a central London park that had a new cable stolen and he rang us at 4.30 pm and we managed to cut the cable and get it to him next day, so allowing the cable to be jointed and ground to be reinstated inside his time limits.

Do you have minimum order quantities?

No, we have shipped a single fuse when needed as we understand the smallest item can stop the job going live.

What else can you do to ensure the job gets completed?

We run a lot of kitting operations for specific customers, for example every time you fit a cut-out you need a protection chamber, and fuse, and labels. So we put them all together and the customer only has to remember one kit.

How do I work out how much resin I need for a joint?

No need as we do that for you, sending right amount for the joint you are doing.

What about next day delivery?

No problems as long as we have got it and you tell us by 2pm we will get it to you next day.

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